NSYSU establishes undergraduate program in national defense with Ministry of National Defense
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NSYSU establishes undergraduate program in national defense with Ministry of National Defense

NSYSU signed an agreement with the R.O.C. Ministry of National Defense (MND) on joint establishment of an undergraduate program in national defense to cultivate elite military personnel. The program is to start recruiting for the first time in the academic year 2022-2023 and the admission quota will be 10 to 25 students. In the future, if the undergraduate students decide to study the national defense program in addition to their original course of study, they will get subsidies from MND, covering the tuition and fees of the entire 4-year study period, including a monthly allowance of NTD 12,000 and an additional subsidy of NTD 5,000 per semester to cover the cost of study materials. The graduates are to serve in R.O.C. Armed Forces for 5 years and will receive a monthly salary of NTD 50,000 approximately.

The students can study for two professional career paths at the same time: attend military courses on weekends in the MND and their original program of studies during the weekdays. University President Ying-Yao Cheng emphasized that in the future both parties will further integrate bilateral cross-disciplinary resources to cultivate professionals of defense technologies in south Taiwan and contribute to the social development in the country. He also mentioned that NSYSU developed the miniaturized Si photonic fiber-optic gyroscope driver chip the size of a mung bean – less than 5 mm2 that can be applied in the huge market of miniaturized navigation, including biomedical testing, self-driving cars, smart robots, GPS aircraft tracking, and CubeSat.

What is more, NSYSU Underwater Vehicle R&D Center tied an alliance with Taiwan Ocean Research Institute of National Applied Research Laboratories, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology of the National Defense University, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group, CSBC Corporation, and Metal Industries Research & Development Centre to develop Taiwan’s first underwater manned vehicle for scientific research. As for Taiwan's autonomous R&D of deep-sea exploration vehicles, the Institute of Undersea Technology at NSYSU has developed a towed underwater vehicle that can withstand the water pressure at the depth of up to 4,000 meters and successfully conducted surveys in the waters off the southwest coast of Taiwan, and the Okinawa Trough off the northeast coast of Taiwan, he said. President Cheng pointed out that this cooperation will turn abundant academic resources of top universities into innovative R&D capacity for the future defense technology managers to respond to the government's National Construction Policy.

The Vice Chief of the General Staff and Executive Officer of the MND Yen-Pu Hsu said that both parties, having signed the agreement, will share and integrate their resources and combine expertise for students to receive both academic education and military training during the four-year study period, to cultivate outstanding civilian and military cadre for R.O.C. Armed Forces. Vice Chief Yen-Pu Hsu added that the undergraduate program in national defense will recruit students in accordance with the independent entrance recruitment standards of the Ministry of Education, and adhering to the qualifications examination period of the MND. Studying the program involves rights and obligations: the MND will provide financial support for the admitted students for a period of 4 years and require them to serve the R.O.C. Armed Forces for 5 years after graduation. The program in national defense includes recruit training, courses on military affairs on Saturdays, 4 training sessions during winter vacations and 3 during summer vacations.

NSYSU said that the University has been established already for 40 years and has been actively developing focusing on internationalization, industry-academia cooperation, and practical USR; not only it is one of 50 top young universities worldwide, but also one of top 5 universities in Taiwan for technology transfer. NSYSU has been dedicated to the advancement of talents’ cultivation, improvement of its international academic competitiveness, and using its social influence to cultivate an elite of highly-cultivated leaders with a vision, hoping to assist the R.O.C. Armed Forces in cultivating outstanding field commanders and fulfilling its USR.
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